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How to unlock your iPhone

How to unlock your iPhone. Can this be done? Yes, you can unlock your iPhone and use it on another network besides AT & T. This method first became public in August 2007. Both PC Magazine and MacWorld have published instructions on how to unlock your iPhone. Make sure you run an iPhone firmware that is 1.0.2 or previously, don't update your cellphone to 1.1.1 or newer because this will lock your cellphone. This is how to unlock your iPhone.

  1. Step one - make sure you have your iPhone; Data cable and a good connection to WiFi access. Before you start, cancel the iTunes helper that runs in the background on your PC or Mac. For PC, bring the Task Manager and in the process, the tab finds the iTunes helper and click the final process or Kill Process. On Mac, open the activity monitor and select the iTunes helper, then click the Quit Process button.
  2. Step Two - Go to the website and download files, then unzip to your PC or MAC desktop. Also, download and unzip to your desktop, www.widgx.or / After you have these files without a zipper and available on your desktop, you are ready to start unlocking your iPhone.
  3. Step Three - Get iTunes version 7.4.12 from Install this on your computer. When we start the opening process, you can get a message to improve iTunes, ignore this message; Don't update.
  4. Step four - if you don't unlock your iPhone new and beyond the box, then back up all your content; Music, videos, photos, applications, all to your Mac or PC. If you leave it on the iPhone and don't deserve it, you will lose all your content forever.
  5. Step Five - Enter your iPhone into recovery mode. To do this Press and hold the following buttons 2 simultaneously - the sleep/wake button and the veranda button. Continue holding these two buttons at the same time until you see a yellow warning triangle, then release. Ignore all other icons and wait for the triangle. Ignore the Apple logo, which might appear several times. After the triangle appears, release the button.
  6. Step Six - Make sure you have firmware version 1.0.2 on your desktop. Then Launch iTunes, and you will see a message that iTunes detects your iPhone in recovery mode. Press the Shift key and then press Restore. It is very important for you to press and hold the Shift key before you click Restore. You will then get a message that asks what firmware you want to restore. Select 1.0.2 by double-clicking. Then wait. It will take a little time, your iPhone will go through several different cycles because it installs firmware, leaving everything and don't touch your computer or phone until this step is complete. When this step is complete, close iTunes.
  7. Step seven - Open the folder you downloaded before. Search for ApptApp installers. Launch ApptApp Installer. When requested for the firmware version, select version 1.0.2. Then click Install. It will take time because the program will download and install files to your computer. Make sure there are no other programs running now. Your iPhone will be cycling several times, let everything go. When finished click OK. The install bar might not get to the end, but when your iPhone returns to the world screen and the black screen is closed on your computer, you are finished.
  8. Step eight - Go to the folder you downloaded before, look in the backup folder for files that read the point and click here for activation. Then click on the file that says click here. The message will ask if you are ready, just press any key to continue. After this is finished, turn off the phone, then turn it on again. Now you are ready to enter your SIM Choice into your iPhone.
  9. Step nine-turn your phone. Use paper clips, and open them. Then put it in a hole located next to Jack's headphones. This opens the SIM holder. Delete and replace the SIM with any SIM you like

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